Randy Evans, born in Akron, Ohio, graduated from Ohio University, Phi Beta Kappa, in English Literature.  He earned an MBA from Columbia University in New York City followed by a successful business career with Mead Corporation, TRW, Inc., Haworth, Inc., Compaq Computer Corporation, and Intuit, Inc.  After retiring from business at age fifty, he completed a Ph.D in Psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco.

For the past ten years, Randy and his wife, Denise, have lived in Bay Harbor, Michigan.  During that time, Randy has taught Developmental Psychology at North Central Michigan Community College, served on local boards, and participated in Rotary International.  He enjoys outdoor sports, especially golf and pickleball.  Denise and Randy enjoy their blended family of five daughters and eight grandchildren.

His doctoral dissertation, The Zig-Zag Road:  A Multiethnic Study of Breast Cancer Survivor Quality of Life, was published by ProQuest Information and Learning Company in 2006.  Bear River Review, Dunes Review, National Public Radio, Walloon Writers Review, and Whiskey Island Magazine have published his poems and short stories.  His first two books have received critical acclaim from Kirkus Reviews and IndieReader.

Randy’s debut novel, When Strangers Meet at Devil’s Elbow (published July 7, 2017 by CreateSpace) tells the story of eight disparate souls who in meet in the Michigan wilderness, and embark on a collective adventure that teaches them the meaning of love, home, and family.  Randy’s second novel, The Lawnmower Club, was published on April 2, 2018, and is available on Amazon (Kindle and print versions), or from your favorite independent bookstore.  Leo Zitzelberger’s well-ordered paradise plunges into chaos when Liza Fitting, an overzealous social worker, tries to funnel him into Mallard Pond, a retirement home that Leo regards as a death sentence.  As a clever countermeasure, he buys a bankrupt golf course and sells memberships to other grass-cutting fanatics who have lost their homes and yards.  Few people want the former repo man to succeed, including Hazzard Pembrook, a third-generation resorter, who would restore the club as a bastion of the rich, and a rogue Wisconsin cougar with magical intelligence who wants to establish a new territory.

Randy has also authored Out of the Inferno:  A Husband’s Passage Through Cancerland (2016), a memoir about his journey with breast cancer as a husband caregiver, and Red Sky Anthology (2016), a selection of poems, short stories, and more.  Both books have appeared regularly on Amazon’s Top 100 Categories lists in biographies & memoirs, women’s health, and breast cancer.  Now available on Amazon.com or from your favorite neighborhood or online bookstore.

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  1. My name is Mary Beauchamp and I am a librarian at Petoskey District Library. I’ve been searching for your email (to no avail…) to invite you to our first Local Author Fair. The event will take place on Monday, August 15th from 3:00- 5:00 p.m. at the Carnegie Building. It will open with a keynote speaker followed by a chance for you to meet our patrons, mingle with other authors, and sell your book(s). I am really hoping that you can participate. Please email me a response by April 20th and I look forward to hearing back from you!
    Take care,


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