Late Spring, Petoskey, Michigan

Jack pines,
The poetry of Jim Harrison,
The Nick Adams Stories;
The smudge of ice cream on a child’s face.

A turkey egg taken from the soft mouth
Of a large brown dog,
You placing the egg back in the nest of its mother;
The wide-winged eagles soaring over Lake Michigan,
The wind-wandering rattle of sand hill cranes.

The moment when you test the lake water, and step back;
The sound of eighty-foot birch trees creaking;
The hour in the receding afternoon
When the mother turkey returns to her nest,
Finds the missing egg, and looks up at the sky.

Sugar Maples,
Morel mushrooms,
The breasts of the one you love,
Pressed against your back,
Leaning to get access to your warmth.

The dream in which you find yourself in a boat
At night, with water under you so cold and black
You long for shore. And yet the pulse of stars
And pull of moon keeps you floating, still, your aging face
Filled with promise, like a speckled turkey egg.


Randy Evans is the author of four books, most recently two novels, When Strangers Meet at Devil’s Elbow and The Lawnmower Club, available on Amazon or from your favorite independent bookstore.

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