Eclipsed, a Poem by Randy Evans

How easily the sun star

Leaves the earth

(At the simple passing of the moon)


There is no reason

That requires us

(Masters of forgetting)

To turn our tender balls

Skyward to the blinding


There is no reason

For tears

But tears appear

(From the fiery brilliance)

From the down deep within us, we


The tick tock of eternity,

Sitting in the sunshine like a weed,

When we could sing through the day with


There is no reason

To fall heavy on the ground

To moan (for everything about us),

Missed sunrises, sunsets, changes in the weather,

And a thousand saints (invisible to us) in plain


There is no reason

We fail to feel the wind,

The woods tattered with fallen leaves,

The slow cooling of the lakes,

And every detail spooling out from the visible


There is no reason

To wait for theā€¦

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