Coloring Inside the Lines

What a wonderful new hobby for my favorite person in the whole world!

Tip of the Mitt


Coloring Inside the Lines – Adult Coloring as Meditation

I’ve always had trouble with any form of meditation.  I once attended a workshop where participants sat in large circle while the facilitator intoned soothing words and encouraged us to drain our minds and count our breaths.  My mind raced and I found myself checking off the lengthy list of things I had to do and becoming hyper aware of the aIMG_5085nnoying music playing softly in the background.  Where did she get that awful CD?

So imagine my surprise when I read an article about the newest fad – adult coloring books. Apparently in addition to providing hours of fun, coloring allows one to focus on the intricate patterns rather than intrusive thoughts and nagging problems.  Additionally, coloring brings back a simpler time.  As I unpackaged my fancy pencils and markers, I couldn’t help but think back to the days…

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