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The purpose of this site is to share samples of my writing, and what I have learned about the creative writing process.  I will share mixed genres, including memoir and novel excerpts, poetry,  essays, short stories, drama, and fables. I hope what you read here will bring you joy.

Ordering options for my book:  Red Sky Anthology:  Reading Aloud in Northern Michigan:  The book is now available at your favorite online or neighborhood book store:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million, or in northern Michigan, visit Between the Covers, 106 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan to buy author-signed copies (call 231-526-6658 for out-of-town orders with same-day shipment).  You can also buy my book at McLean & Eakin, 307 E. Lake Sreet and Horizon Books, 319 E. Mitchell Street, independent bookstores in downtown Petoskey, Michigan, and Round Lake Bookstore, 216 Bridge Street, Charlevoix, Michigan.

Fresh, funny, and compassionate, Randy Evans’s border-crossing collection (poetry, short story, fable, play, memoir and novel excerpts) never loses his voice or identity as he shifts from one genre to another. The death, grief, and bereavement of the loss of his wife to breast cancer serve as a central theme, along with hilarious forays into magical realism. “I laughed and wept, openly and honesty, dozens of times-beautiful storytelling!” – Wade Rouse, bestselling memoirist.

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Give Books for the Holidays

I am grateful for the wonderful feedback that has been arriving in person and by email from readers in this country and overseas.  Both Red Sky Anthology and Out of the Inferno, the first two of four books in my Red Sky Series, continue to be category best sellers on Amazon, and are selling on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Nobles and at local bookstores in northern Michigan. One of my readers purchased eight copies of Red Sky for Christmas gifts, another purchased a gift copy for her brother who wanted to know what it was like to live in northern Michigan.  Please consider purchasing one or both books at your favorite online or neighborhood book store!  And stay tuned.  Crooked River and The Lawnmower Club, my first two novels, will be published in 2017.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Up North!


How to Paint a Marriage

How to A Paint Marriage (for Dana and Chad, Married October 22, 2016, Temecula, CA)

He paints the curve of her mouth when she smiles, and the squint in her eyes when she laughs.

She paints how he looks when he hums a tune to the wind’s music.

He pictures the flowers he placed in her hair, the day rain kissed them.

She pictures the sunny stories he whispers to her in the warm night.

He watercolors the tones of her skin and hair with the beauty of her world.

She watercolors his glowing face when he sees the blushing clouds of evening put the bare sun to bed,

and the tiny sigh, the sigh she barely sees,

when he looks up to fathom the moon and infinite stars.

He brushstrokes the complexion of her hopes and dreams,

the shapes of her ambitions, and the palette of her desires.

She brushstrokes the hues of his interior mind, the contours of his body, and the angles of his repose, awake and asleep.

They draw and shade the lost spaces of what they separately were, and charcoal landscapes of new territories to be traveled together.

Their art never covers the expanding white canvas.  Unfinished space opens every day, no matter how filled in with something very like love, faith, sorrow, and joy.

They create a marriage in a boundless sea of color harmonies, spilling outside the lines—never forgotten, never finished, never framed, never hung on a wall—never a still life.

They find new friends, explore sand beaches, forests, fields, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and keep close who and what they treasure.

They fashion the artwork of marriage—dabs of love, splashes of passion, etches of friendship, sketches of caring, squiggles of fun—loud, free, and overrun with dogs and cats.

They paint a life as theirs, the gift they give each other, like a temple built to last, even when grass grows up between the stones.

—Randy Evans

Kirkus Review Selects Memoir

Kirkus Review selects Out of the Inferno: A Husband’s Passage Through Cancerland for publication in their September 15 edition

5200 librarians, literary agents, and publishers subscribe to Kirkus.  Kirlus selects the top 10% of new releases for publication.  Please consider buying my memoir on Amazon or from your favorite independent bookseller, and let me know what you think!  Here’s a link to the review:


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Kirkus Review publishes Out of the Inferno book review

A Husband’s Passage Through Cancerland
From the “Red Sky” series, volume 2
by Randy Evans

Kirkus Review, August 19, 2016

A memoir examines life, love, and cancer.

Laurene Evans was a fighter who spent 10 years battling breast cancer. Her husband was at her side, standing with her through the tests and chemotherapy, experiencing feelings of hope and despair. In this memoir, Randy Evans…documents the years he and his wife spent living with cancer, touching on everything from treatments to travel. The couple tried to keep their family life as normal as possible; they raised their four daughters, took trips to Europe, pursued job interests, and lived life to the fullest. Yet the specter of cancer was a continual presence, hovering like the proverbial other shoe just waiting to drop. Despite a skilled team of medical professionals…

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Blurb for Out of the Inferno from Dr. Theo Ross, a leading cancer warrior

Out of the Inferno is an eye-opening, honest memoir written by an author whose wife lived and died with cancer. Rarely have authors whose partners died of cancer taken the time and effort to put their experiences on paper for the rest of us. The powerful writing forces the reader to feel the good, the bad and the horrific while uplifting the reader with lessons learned. This unique book fills a gap in the cancer literature. I love this book.

Dr. Theodora Ross, M.D., Ph.D., Cancer Geneticist, Director, Cancer Genetics Program, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, author A Cancer in the Family